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The Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) offer the best protection in their class. Taking this full training course will give you the information and skills to set up, run, and handle these powerful solutions, protecting your business from new computer dangers.

Finding a balance between safety and work

Cisco ASA 5500-X Series NGFWs provides top security and usability. This course covers platform basics, letting you:

Ensure granular data access and control: Learn about network activity and build up fine-grained control mechanisms to manage user and device access.

Cisco's on-premises and cloud-based web security tools help defend your company against malware.

Install the best intrusion protection: Cisco's IPS blocks known threats before they reach your network.

Advanced Malware Network Protection: Discover all the strategies to defend your network against sophisticated viruses.

Allow Secure Remote Access: Cisco AnyConnect, the most popular secure remote access solution, lets distant users safely access your network resources.

The Cisco ASA comes with FirePOWER Services. A Single Approach

This course looks at Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services, a new and innovative system that combines the best firewall in the business with the latest Sourcefire threat protection and advanced malware defense. Combining these techniques in one device yields:

Verified Cisco ASA Firewall Protection: Use the Cisco ASA firewall's reliability and safety.

Industry-leading threat protection: Utilize Sourcefire's top threat data and malware prevention.

Superior Defense and Visibility: See the whole network and protect it from threats in a very effective way across the whole attack spectrum.

Simplifying your security system by combining firewall and danger prevention functions into a single device will save you time and money.

Real-Time Protection: Protect your network from new threats and viruses.

Scalable network solutions

ASA 5500-X Series NGFWs are available in various sizes for every network.

For small and medium-sized businesses that need a standalone security system, standalone appliances are perfect.

Ruggedized appliances are employed in tough industrial or critical infrastructure situations due to their high temperature tolerance.

Midsize Appliances: These are made for companies that want better security at the edge of the internet.

High-Performance Appliances: Give demanding corporate data centers extra processing power and speed.

Blades with High Performance: These blades work well with Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, so you can use a single option for both protection and switching.

With Virtual Instances, you can give both private and public cloud operations enterprise-level protection.

Platform for businesses with strong features

Cisco ASA 5500-X NGFWs employs ASA Software. Its next-generation firewall and stateful inspection are advanced. This app lets you:

Smooth Integration: Connect your Cisco ASA NGFW to other important network security tools to make a complete security system.

Better user ID comprehension: Use Cisco TrustSec security group tags and Identity-Based Firewall to restrict access by name.

Scalability and high availability: Multiple ASA 5585-X computers can reach 640 Gbps and always run with high availability characteristics.

All-around security for the next generation: FirePOWER Services for Cisco ASA lets you use all of its full ability for strong next-generation security features.

Use Cisco Services to maximize savings.

Cisco offers several services to maximize your Cisco ASA NGFW setup and investment.

Our services include: - Improving operational efficiency to save expenses and simplify management tasks.

Reduced Support Costs: Experts assist reduce downtime and fix issues promptly.

Better Risk Management: Learn important things and receive tips on preventing security threats.

The course provides service finders, guarantee information, design guides, and solution guides. This lets you choose smart Cisco security settings.

Continuous protection against evolving threats

Cyber dangers change often, so keeping ahead is vital. After this course, we'll investigate Cisco's threat protection.

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