Flexibility, speed, and scalability make MySQL a popular relational database management system (RDBMS). Learn about MySQL and how CNC's all-around training may help you succeed professionally.

Learn About MySQL: Data Management's Core

MySQL, a strong, open-source RDBMS, is popular for its speed, reliability, and ease of use. MySQL has evolved a lot since 1995. It is now cross-platform and suitable for small and big applications. MySQL is named after co-founder Monty Widenius's daughter My and uses ANSI SQL. MySQL is developed and supported by Oracle Corporation.

Looking for MySQL Training

MySQL training will teach you how to utilize relational databases regardless of your database expertise. Our online training platform provides a whole curriculum for database managers, developers, and security administrators that can be modified. You may take management, development, security, and high availability courses and utilize actual tasks to remember.

Why Choose CNC for MySQL Training?

CNC MySQL training helps workers improve database management. Our course teaches you how to optimize MySQL applications, maintain critical services, and minimize Microsoft Windows database TCO. Take advantage of Oracle's expertise and maximize your MySQL investments by learning from the top professors who love teaching fascinating and relevant lectures.

How Does MySQL Help?

Many of the world's big-league websites and CMS make use of MySQL. Web developers across the globe use MySQL to power Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress and Drupal. MySQL can work for you on bleeding-edge projects and might lead to jobs as a site writer, system administrator, or database professional.

Help from experienced trainers

Our instructors are highly experienced, so you can expect competent guidance throughout your training at CNC. Real-world examples and knowledge are our professors' priority. This empowers you to study and succeed. When learning MySQL administration, programming, or security, our educators want you to succeed.

Getting certified and known

Our MySQL training program also gives an excellent course completion badge that proves you are well-versed with MySQL. This license proves you are dedicated to professional development and makes you respected while seeking a job. If your talents and achievements are recognized, you may attract new jobs and progress in the administration of databases.

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INR 8K | 150USD

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Basic programming langue of Java. Basics of database management system. Experience in using various tools such as Eclipse in developing applications

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INR 8K | 150 USD
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