Start your career in network automation with DevNet Associate

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certificate is, at its core, a key to an entirely new career within the network, security, collaboration, and computing business; one that has adopted automation as a motor of efficiency and innovation. By verifying your ability to deploy the fundamental network applications by using Cisco's platform foundation, the Cisco DevNet Associate opens doors to diverse opportunities in network, security, collaboration, and computing infrastructure

Course Overview: Changing Game, Changing Careers

In light of the Cisco DevNet certification, one has an opportunity to be a network automation specialist and also has to consider the possible change of career to network automation roles, which could double current salaries. The Cisco DevNet Associate training is a strategic career investment. This comprehensive certification program prepares you with the necessary skills to work through the network automation landscape, bringing you into an exciting journey of learning programmability.

Love Programming: The Future of Networking

Network Engineers have traditionally stayed away from programming and coding, but times are changing. The fusion of the networking infrastructure and software engineering realm requires skills in programming languages, particularly Python. Since Python became a requirement in certification training, learners are faced with the inevitable prospect of learning to code. By embracing Python today, one is not merely getting an advantage; one is writing their future in network automation.

The Rising Tide of Programming Expertise

There is a growing demand for network engineers to be proficient in Python and network automation, with most firms having seen a significant increase in this demand since the inception of Cisco's DevNet certification. With the need to automate operations to streamline it, the demand for those who can connect the dots from networking to programming skills is more critical than ever before. Investing in the programming expertise today puts you at the edge of this rolling tide, making you a proficient Network Automation Engineer in no time.

Mastery through Customized Training: Python for Network Engineers

We understand that Network Engineers are stepping into the world of programming for the first time at CNC. This is when our customized training program, "Python for Network Engineers CCNA DevNet (200-901) Ansible Basics," comes into play. We start your journey in Python from scratch and take the CCNA DevNet syllabus from there, so that even beginners can catch up while deep diving into the complexity of the CCNA DevNet syllabus. Ansible basics are also covered to further consolidate your understanding of network automation tools for further expertise.

From Programmer to Network Automation Expert: No Barrier

The belief that there can only be seasoned developers who code is scratched in our training program that caters to Network Engineers of all levels of experience. Whether a freshman or a seasoned veteran, our course makes you a proficient Network Automation Expert. Feedback from candidates, most of whom are Network Engineers with more than a decade of experience working in the field, testifies to the effectiveness of our training method in making things simple for learners to grasp the complexity of Python for network automation.

Prerequisites: Setting the Stage for Success

There are no formal prerequisites, but in general, experience in software development, preferably in Python programming, is recommended. This will serve as a platform for mastering the nuances of network automation, enabling a smooth transition into roles such as Network Automation Engineer, Software Developer, or System Integration Programmer.

Unlock Potential: Diverse Job Roles Await

Your acquiring of Cisco DevNet Associate certification opens doors to countless job roles not just in network automation but also beyond it. From the frontlines of network infrastructure transformations as a Network Automation Engineer to leveraging your programming skills as a Software Developer, possibilities abound. Ride the wave of versatility that comes with this certification and undertake a personal voyage of growth and achievement.

Seize opportunities, embrace transformation

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate is the beacon of opportunity for Network Engineers to future-proof their careers in this time of digital transformation and automation. To now embrace Programming Languages, Python for instance, and being able to master network automation workflows, it's time to break traditional limitations and carve out a niche in a continually dynamic networking landscape. The right training and mindset make the transition from Network Engineer into a Network Automation Expert possible, and that brings a new era for innovation and excellence in the networking landscape.

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1 Month


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INR 12K | 300USD

INR 12K | 300USD

IT Pre-requisite

Cisco Devnet Associate

DevNet Associate Requirement and Prerequisites

No formal prerequisties, but one or more years of experience with software development including python programened.

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Exam Length

Get Yourself Ready For The Cisco Devnet Associate Certification Exam

To become DevNet Associate certified, a candidate must pass DevNet Associate exam:

Exam - 200-901 DEVASC 

Exam Duration - 120 minutes

Exam Fee - $300 USD


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1.5 Month
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2 Hours/Day
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