The Complete Wireshark Course Go from Beginner to Advanced!

Be one with the network! Get ready to uncover and master the power of Wireshark with "The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!" This highly practical course will not only equip networking professionals with troubleshooting, analysis, and protocol development skills but will go beyond ordinary courses to give you all that you need to solve real-life networking problems. In this hands-on tutorial with an in-depth explanation of network terminology, participants will be accelerated in their knowledge and proficiency in Wireshark.

About Wireshark Training Course

Wireshark is a network packet analyzer, capturing and displaying packet data in detail. Think of it as a tool to see inside a network cable, way an electrician uses a meter. Before Wireshark, the tools were expensive and proprietary. As an open-source packet analyzer, Wireshark is one of the best tools available today for network analysis and troubleshooting.

What You Will Learn in This Wireshark Training

This Wireshark course lets learners become experienced users and gain vital network management skills. This course will help you stand out in the competitive job market, whether you're applying for your first job or freelancing. You will also learn how to upload Wireshark certification to LinkedIn, boosting your professional credentials.
Candidates for this course include network administrators seeking Wireshark knowledge, entrepreneurs seeking network protocols knowledge, and freelancers seeking skill enhancement. Whatever your experience or professional goals, Wireshark training gives you vital insights and practical skills to advance in networking.

Wireshark Training Requirements

For the best learning experience of Wire Shark training, it is an essential prerequisite that you have a computer that can run the program and have fundamental knowledge of how to go online and use the internet. These pre-requisites will make you grounded for a smooth learning process without technical hurdles, so you can have an effective and focused learning about the depths of Wire Shark.

History of Wire Shark

From 1998, when it was created by Gerald Combs, to date, Wire Shark has garnered wide community support and patches, making it the prime network protocol analyzer in the industry to date.

CNC Trainer Profile of Wire Shark

CNC trainers aim to simplify complex topics and create a learning environment that fosters effectiveness. With more than 8 years of working experience and over 2000 candidates trained, our trained professionals bring in theoretical and practical knowledge. Our trainers use real-world situations and latest industrial applications to ensure professional preparation.

Network to Your Full Potential

In summary, "The Complete Wire Shark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!" will help you master Wire Shark and expand your networking skills. Driven by professionals with experience and practical knowledge, along with hands-on tutorials, students will emerge ready to take up the toughest challenges in networking and drive their careers to greater heights. Experience the power of Wire Shark with CNC's Wireshark training course.

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