Obtain F5 Application Security Manager

CNC provides BIG-IP ASM Online Training and is dedicated to enhancing candidates' skills in installing, tuning, and running BIG-IP Application Security Manager. During this training, candidates gain comprehensive knowledge and skills about protecting web applications against diverse HTTP-based threats. Engaging lectures, hands-on labs, and insightful discussion make the candidates master the various components of ASM and their roles in modifying security threats.

Equip Candidates with Advanced Skills

5 days of F5 ASM certification training courses will enable a candidate to take a journey of discovery and mastery of BIG-IP Application Security Manager. During the course, candidates will discover the method of deploying ASM and the way to implement comprehensive security policies for defending web applications against HTTP-based attacks. In hands-on labs and interactive lectures, candidates gain practical experience on deploying ASM and implementing comprehensive security policies for mitigating threats.

Seize Opportunity to Enhance Your Skillset

The BIG-IP ASM Course is an opportunity for you to improve your skills and enhance your web-based and xml application applications' defense mechanisms. Through mastering the intricacies of Application Security Manager, participants will get insight into crafting security policies, analyzing traffic flows, deploying ASM across all kinds of applications, and testing thoroughly through mimicking realistic web traffic scenarios.

Who is the Target?

This course covers any kinds of audiences, including System Administrators, Network Administrators, Network Operators, and people who work on the setup and maintenance of Application Security Manager. Whether you are a professional who has been in this field for a long time or someone who wants to plunge into the world of application security, this training will provide you with invaluable insights and practical skills for career development.

Master Key Concepts and Techniques

Our F5 ASM Certification Course is a comprehensive course that will give you vital information to become a professional in ASM deployment and management. Some of the topics covered include but are not limited to setting up the BIG-IP system, web application vulnerabilities and security policies deployment, and the like. Participants will get a good grasp of knowledge and hands-on experience on how to mitigate threats. Some of the main learning points include policy tuning, signature detection, session tracking, and mitigating the Layer 7 Denial of Service attacks.

Equipping Candidates with Practical Skills

It is by the end of the course that participants will have developed a deepened understanding of ASM deployment strategies. Application traffic flow analysis, policy tweaking, and sophisticated parameter handling will be covered. Participants will also learn how to safeguard cookies and headers, prevent brute force and web scraping attacks, and leverage ASM with iRules for enhanced security.

The Future of Application Security

This thorough training program gives learners practical skills and in-depth information to traverse the challenging web application security environment. After the training, participants will have the abilities to traverse the complicated web application security environment professionally and successfully. CNC provides F5 ASM Training and Certification to embrace the future of application security and flourish professionally.

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INR 15K | 300 USD

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BIG IP F5 ASM training
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INR 15K | 300 USD
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