NSE 4/FortiGate Security Certification Training Course Overview

Today's digital world requires strong network protection. FortiGate firewalls from Fortinet secure your business's assets. Learn FortiGate and get these coveted certifications with our comprehensive NSE 4 and NSE 7 training courses. This will make you a cybersecurity asset.

Understanding FortiGate Firewall I with NSE 4

The NSE 4/FortiGate Firewall I training course covers the most significant FortiGate firewall functionalities, helping you secure your network. This intensive program will teach you:

FortiGate basics: Discover FortiGate firewall basics including how to utilize the user interface and navigate the site.

Firewall rules: Create, maintain, and apply strong firewall rules to protect network data. Research user authentication mechanisms to restrict access to network tools. VPN Tools and Tech: SSL VPN and Dial-Up IPsec VPN offer secure internet access for authorized users.

Security profiles: To defend your network from multiple threats, learn how to set up IPS, antivirus, web filtering, and application control.

Following this training, you will be able to utilize FortiGate routers and implement network safety measures.

Improving NSE 7 and FortiGate Infrastructure

Want to know more about FortiGate? NSE 7/FortiGate Infrastructure certification training expands on NSE 4, teaching advanced networking and security abilities. Full-length show includes:

Advanced Routing: OSPF and BGP may enhance network data and connection flow.

Learn how to configure FortiGate routers to interact with your network infrastructure in transparent mode.

Multiple Infrastructure: Build numerous FortiGate systems for high availability and reduced downtime if hardware breaks.

Site-to-Site IPsec VPN: Set up this VPN to securely connect remote locations.

SSO (Single Sign-On): Explore how SSO can streamline user login across applications.

Web Proxy: Set up and administer web proxy services to secure your network and get internet control.

Diagnostics: Learn the most crucial FortiGate firewall repair and diagnosis skills to maintain performance and identify security issues.

This course's advanced subjects will help you develop, implement, and manage complicated FortiGate network security systems. Read this and people will recruit you as a protection expert.

Why pick us for Fortinet NSE 4 and NSE 7 training?

We provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience to help you pass NSE 4 and NSE 7: Instruction by Experts: FortiGate will be explained by experienced Fortinet security specialists.

Interactive Learning Materials: Our curriculum offers entertaining methods to learn, such video courses, hands-on laboratories, and certification exam-like practice tests.

Flexible Learning: You may choose an online course with an instructor. It should includes self-paced video lessons. Otherwise you can go for a combination of both to meet your learning style and strategy.

Preparation for the NSE 4 and NSE 7 certification tests: This training teaches you the skills and knowledge you will need to pass.

Here's the short and sweet: Great Jobs Are Waiting For You

Your NSE 4 and NSE 7 licenses show you know much about FortiGate security. This will help in getting the job in hacking and make a resume look better. The learned skills can help you get great work and keep businesses safe from shifting online threats.

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FortiGate NSE4
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INR 15K | 300 USD

INR 15K | 300 USD

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Candidate Should be good in networking concept before starting This Training

journey with cnc in 4 steps
journey with cnc step 1
journey with cnc 2
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journey with cnc step 4

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Fortinet NSE 4 - FortiOS 6.2

Exam Series:- NSE4_FGT-6.2

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Training Type
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1 Month
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2 Hours/Day
Fortigate firewall training
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INR 15K | 300 USD
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